Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

Turning on the faucet could cause
health risks!

Nearly two decades after Congress passed
the Safe Drinking Water Act,
the water flowing from
the nation's taps
is anything


From the "Prophets of Doom"

John Cronin has been studying our freshwater situation and he concludes that it is getting scarcer. Not only is our supply of freshwater running short, but the quality of the water we have is getting worse. Shortages will become more frequent and the potential for disease and contamination increases. The other prophets agree that water is an essential need for survival.

>  One in 6 people drink water with excessive lead.

>  Half of the rivers and streams in the farm belt contain unhealthy levels of pesticides.

>  Microbes may cause 1 in 3 gastrointestinal problems.

>  Chlorine is being overused and could be harmful.

>  By most accounts the SDWA of 1974 has failed to provide us with purer water.


Water makes the dream a reality for cities and farms.  The 21st century
must provide the water resources for continued growth!


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